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Tolkien font by official map

01/04/2015 a las 21:00

I would like to find out which font is used here.
I mean the red font by the way!

This is an official Tolkien image, but I don't think that the font is just created for this picture. And this font is really awesome. How can I find out another font that nearly looks the same way? Is there an easy way.

Or maybe someone knows this font, too. That would be awesome. =)

Tolkien font by official map

Fuente identificada

Viking  Sugerido por fonatica 

01/04/2015 a las 21:10

Taranis, Thor.
Fuente identificada: Viking

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01/04/2015 a las 21:46

Thank you very much, yeah indeed now that font comes up in my mind. But it's Shareware, so I completely forgot about that.

Is there an easy way to find good alternatives to this font. I mean I know there is but they are not really matching this font.
And when I write to the creator and ask for usage, is that enough? Or do I need to do something else?

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