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Monster high font help!!

28/03/2015 a las 20:09

I'm making my daughter monster high slumber party invitations and I found this invitation with the font that I want but I cant find it. I have the runy tunes but I need the font where it says "You're In-Bited" and the font where the address is, thanks in advance!!

Monster high font help!!

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Fuentes identificadas

Wizards Magic  Sugerido por fonatica 
KG A Thousand Years  Sugerido por fonatica 

28/03/2015 a las 20:23

Fuente identificada: Wizards Magic

28/03/2015 a las 20:27

Thank you, would you happen to know the font that the address is in?

28/03/2015 a las 20:32

Fuente identificada: KG A Thousand Years

28/03/2015 a las 20:39

Thank you so much!!!

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