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Anyone else having trouble?

09/08/2011 a las 02:04

Okay, so I've been uploading font and extracting the files all day with zero issues, however, when I try extracting the zipped folder for Ascent_2_Stardom, it says the folder is empty. Is it a glitch with that font or..? I'm honestly confused. Any help would be appreciated.

09/08/2011 a las 02:40

What extractor are you using? I have no problems.

09/08/2011 a las 03:21

Well, I'm not sure. I have windows 7, so I just right click the zipped folder and click extract all. That's when it says the folder's invaild or empty.

09/08/2011 a las 03:31

What happens when you try to open the archive without extracting it?

09/08/2011 a las 04:04

It says the file is invalid.

09/08/2011 a las 04:21

I uploaded the font to megaupload not compressed in an archive. Please still understand that the font still is only availible for personal use.

09/08/2011 a las 09:02

You have a connection problem. That file is a 736.37 KB monster, even the zip is 400Kb. If you are not on broadband or are on WiFi with a weak signal that is asking for disaster.

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