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careful to the "a"

12/10/2010 a las 05:20

i've seen many fonts like this before, but is the first time i see one with this kind of serif.
anyone knows the name?


careful to the "a"

Fuente identificada

Titillium Text  Sugerido por dasklem 

12/10/2010 a las 08:32

Fuente identificada: Titillium Text

12/10/2010 a las 15:36


15/10/2010 a las 01:45

All weights of Titillium, including FontLab .vfb project files:

Editado el 15/10/2010 a las 11:07 por metaphasebrothel

15/10/2010 a las 01:56

oh great, tks!

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