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what font is this?

14/09/2010 a las 21:57

what font is this?

what font is this?

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LHF Village  Sugerido por koeiekat 

14/09/2010 a las 21:59

wooo nice one. Remember me a spanish calligrapher... where is that video again ?

neh, it was the "legacy" word. Not really the same style :
an he is Italian. My mistake.

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14/09/2010 a las 22:04

14/09/2010 a las 22:04

and the video :

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14/09/2010 a las 22:05

is "Legacy" & "Beyond" in the same phrase ?

14/09/2010 a las 22:12

no..."legacy" is a band and "beyond" is a clothing brand

14/09/2010 a las 22:17

damn! the guy in the video is a genius o.O

15/09/2010 a las 12:09

This is the LHFVillage, (2002 Chuck Davis). Not on the site anymore.
Fuente identificada: LHF Village

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15/09/2010 a las 15:32

nice shot, Kat. I'm impressed.
font available here :

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15/09/2010 a las 15:39

Took a lot of digging though and in the end it was mostly luck I found it.

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