Unity Dances

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Restroom  15/04/2009
Wow, I love everything about this. Check the creator's site first, browse around, get a feel for the environment. An interesting place from which type spawns. Then the details on the typeface itself: Inspired by and named for an "exotic dancer" - a catch if I've ever seen one. But wait - all this pales in comparison to the often-discarded readme packed in the download archive (from the site anyhow) - this is a serious work of genuine, heartfelt, platonic, married-couple-on-stripper love! But wait!! This is not some basement fontographer we're dealing with here, the readme credits Benton on the unmistakable BG forms, and offers additional glyphs to those interested! TYPE IS NOT DEAD! Wonderful!
ashleigh.mackenzie  25/08/2010

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