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PawBadReligion  26/05/2008
OwO it has almost all characters... The only thing you really should add is "_"... I can't believe it has "" xD.
Looks nice ;3
Franklin Gorge  03/05/2009
It looks terrific! I can't believe such simple, thin ink can be made into such a complicated and interesting font. It's both modern and intricate and the design is prize-winning. Ah! I really adore it.... such a nice font.
Futuristic and Retro all at the same time! Very nice job, Manuel. This is a very cool font.
ideoma  04/05/2009
great design very original and yet it has a formal look it seems really flexible to use! congrats
SpaceOctopus  31/12/2012
I think it's absolutely fantastic. Really great job!

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