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TheLINK0702  29/01/2012
j'adore zelda et grâce a cette police je vais pourvoir créer de titre zelda
erc0117  01/10/2012
Please tell me how did you make this????????
MoriahMeow  19/05/2013
Just thought I'd point out that this font (or a very similar one) appears in BioShock 2, in Dionysus Park.
MoriahMeow  19/05/2013
RestrictedAxcess  12/09/2013
This font is great. Can someone PLEASE tell me who created this font? I need to know whether this font is public domain or not
cshep99  22/02/2015
in regards to MoriahMeow's comment: yes, this is the exact font used on that texture.

after overlaying one on the other, i can see no differences.
aaronkgreen  24/02/2015
I can't see any information anywhere, is this a freeware font? Can anyone use it?
Cheekosquirt  21/07/2016
Can someone please tell me how to enable this font? (I'm using a Nexus 5 phone.)
ShawnaDF  19/05/2017
Could whoever created this please message me? I would love to use this for a school project I'm working on.

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