The Last Font I'm Wasting On You

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Hotemo949  10/11/2006
masse  30/11/2006
Magnificent font! If there were accents I'd download it... :-(
Andrew2  28/02/2007
It looks like a nice commercial font for a movie title. :) I'm downloading fo sho.
lbjiowa  07/03/2007
perfect for me! thanks!
miller456  14/08/2008
Uniquely elegant! It's truly my favorite! Thanks!
EvanescenceLuvr  29/12/2008
Very cool, I love evanescence lol
melyssajoy  21/04/2011
So glad you wasted your time. (: Fabulous font!
Broken_Candy_Cane  26/05/2011
Wasting on me?? :/
emurray91  26/09/2011
love the font style plus the name made me laugh!

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