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rcadble  15/11/2006
what the fuck is that fag the world knows as spongebob in the font?

Not a bad font though.
wiryanata  autor de Tartarsauce Erc   15/11/2006
sponge bob loves you. that is why
conversegurl  27/03/2007
love this font! i love spongebob <3
by the way how do u get spongebob when your typing?
or can you even get it.
anyway goodjob :P
wiryanata  autor de Tartarsauce Erc   24/08/2007
to get the spongebob character you have to browse the character map.
it's hidden. :)
wizzah  30/09/2007
nice font
<3 wizzah
tofi  22/12/2007
it's a nice font i like it
and i love sponge bob too.
faeriedreamer  14/06/2008
The real font is called Fink Sans, it is from House Industries and it isn't free.

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