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loristephanoff  09/05/2015
Hi, I would like to use this font for commercial use in new company. Can you email your terms of use?
Thank you,
tdawgthefirst  07/06/2015
Hello! I just wanted to congratulate you, for I am almost certain that your font is being used by the new subscription company called "Birchbox". I saw a glimpse of it in their new commercial and I knew right away. Congrats again.
penelopelime  autor de Sweet Pea   30/01/2016
I don't know how I missed your comment, Thank you.
I haven't seen it, chances are they probably snuck a "basic license" out of me, if they did purchase one at all. (Not telling me it was for a video commerical.) Anyways, it's still exciting. I'll take a look and see if I can find it.

Emily Spadoni
sls8486  09/08/2016
The lowercase "r" turns into a square when typing out "start."
jamadeamin  09/10/2016
Hi Emily,
Had dropped you an email regarding the term of use for the above font as I am intending to use it for my next sch assignment, would like to check if is ok to use it? ( actually used it once for my another assignment as was in a rush then i did not manage to check with you earlier, i am sorry)... I have more questions and had emailed you ( at regarding them... sent it via Hope to hear from you sooon.....Thank you v this font alot:)

DanielleK  24/07/2017
I would like to use this for commercial use. Please email me at with terms of use.
bri_bement  26/08/2017
This is my very favorite font! I would absolutely love to use it for commercial use!! Would you please email me your terms of use? My email is

Thanks so much in advance!
newell41  12/11/2017
I love this! Can you please contact me with your terms of use please Thanks!
deedee_od  22/11/2017
Hi Emily,

Love your typeface, trying to buy a licence but I see that it's sold out?
When will it be available again as I would love it for a project I am working on and would love to pay to use it.

Thank you
brittanyheath18  06/02/2018
I would like to use this for commercial. Please email
Fortress Tech  08/05/2018
Emily Spadoni,

Technically, this font is not a demo but it's for a personal use only.

Fortress Tech
penelopelime  autor de Sweet Pea   29/05/2018
@Fortress Tech.

I'm sorry if there is any confusion. I'm pretty sure I have it listed as a demo. It doesn't say free for personal use. My EULA is very clear about the difference. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thanks!
ashleydisi  19/07/2018
I would like to use your font for commercial use. Please email me at to send me more information! Thanks in advance!

Ashley Di Si
LSchrader  08/10/2018
Hi there, I too would like to use your font for commercial use. Please email me at Thank you!
LSchrader  08/10/2018
Just kidding! I just saw your last comment!
jessimb0587  04/02/2019
Interested in purchasing this for commercial use... please email
onexraygirl  27/02/2019
Interested in purchasing this for commercail use..can you please email me at with the info? Thank you?
GaynorJ  18/07/2019
Hi Emily, can you please email me re commercial use of this font. Thanks.
Gaynor :
Martist123  21/04/2020
H Emily. I will like to use your font for commercial use. It is for a logo. Please email me at
resist2020  26/04/2020
hi, would like to use the font to make a shirt for my daughter who will be coming out with shirts for bullying
beccah_rooney  25/01/2021
hi id like to use this font please can you email me regarding commercial use of this font please.
gexy1972  27/08/2021
hi there, I would love to use your font Sweet Pea to make labels for the office. Please email at for commercial use. Thank you so much :)

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