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zenkis15  31/08/2011
Hello, is it possible for me to use this font for a logo?

If it is please send me the details.
Thank You
Lewis Lee  02/09/2011
These two fonts as our company's products printed materials & sticker & web font commercial for free available?
This means user for commerce.
typodermic  autor de Sofachrome   04/10/2011
ActPac  26/12/2012
Is there any way of getting lower case. I need an "i".

Thank you
typodermic  autor de Sofachrome   28/12/2012
I tried a lowercase once . . .. someone commissioned one but it looked really dumb so it was scrapped. Some caps don't suit a lowercase. But try Sandoval . . . that might do the trick.
DPD  19/10/2022
Hmm, I see your explanatory negative reply above re. lowercase (and you're right, Sandoval's not bad), but what about small caps?
Clearly, I like this font, or it wouldn't be worth the pondering! 😄
typodermic  autor de Sofachrome   20/10/2022
Thank you very much. I think you could use a combination of two weights to get a small caps effect, but I'm not a fan of small caps, so I don't think I'll be doing that.

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