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benito  15/10/2009
superbe... c est ca que je veu!!!!
benito  15/10/2009
mon prochain tatoo
Franz3312  31/10/2011
impossible de tÚlÚcharger cette police alors que les autres je peux .Pourquoi?
james crawford  04/10/2014
What type of licence is this font?
susanengbring  14/01/2015
First, is there a fee to use this font? Second, do I need permission to use it for a book publishing client? Third, do we need to give the artist credit in the front matter of the book? Thank you.
susanengbring  14/01/2015
Also, there is a restriction from being embedded in PDFs. How can I remove this restriction? By purchasing the font? Please advise...

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