Rose Caps

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benito  15.10.2009
superbe... c est ca que je veu!!!!
benito  15.10.2009
mon prochain tatoo
Franz3312  31.10.2011
impossible de télécharger cette police alors que les autres je peux .Pourquoi?
james crawford  04.10.2014
What type of licence is this font?
susanengbring  14.01.2015
First, is there a fee to use this font? Second, do I need permission to use it for a book publishing client? Third, do we need to give the artist credit in the front matter of the book? Thank you.
susanengbring  14.01.2015
Also, there is a restriction from being embedded in PDFs. How can I remove this restriction? By purchasing the font? Please advise...

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