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roseddevassia  04/03/2014
VioLinn  15/04/2014
I love this font except that the 'y's look weird! But other than that it is just FANTASTIC!!!! :D
xx13mera7xx  01/07/2015
so cute! kinda wish the lower case y continued on to make a curve tho...
studioelsemarie  23/07/2017
Hi Vanessa I would love to use this commercially could you please contact me @
Bombinibaby  20/09/2018
Hi Vanessa I just love your font and I would love to use it commercially. Could you please contact me @
Anne Suzette  16/10/2018
Bonjour Vanessa j'aimerais utiliser votre police pour faire des cartes postales en france.Merci de me contacter sur
rayen12  01/06/2019
hi! I loved this font but I could not install it on my computer (it's mac).
elisa_  13/08/2019
Hey! I love your font, and I want to use it for an indepedante album, can you contact me:
Ondway2goodritin  11/02/2020
Hello great font except that I am having trouble printing it
Edyth  05/03/2020
Hi there, I am an author and I would love to use your beautiful font for a self-published work. The use would be for a maximum of 100 words. Would you give me permission to use it, please? Regards Edyth (
Daniel Dagoc  20/03/2020
Hi Vanessa! I love the font, especially the y~ And i would like to test this font for an online webcomic. Is it okay for you to contact me? This is my gmail account:
If yes, thank you very much!!!
If no, still thank you very much!!!
Mary Jillian  09/05/2020
Hi Vanessa! I love your font. I would love to use this commercially. Contact me:
Mary Jillian  09/05/2020
Never mind
Lako123  02/09/2020
Hi Vanessa I love your font I would love to use it. Contact me
a_bern  30/09/2020
Hi! Your work is so awesome! Can I use your font for commercial purposes? Please contact me
Colin Kirby  14/10/2020
Hi Vanessa, I really like the font and am wondering of you could contact me regarding using it in a sommercial setting.
marikat  05/11/2020
Hi Vanessa, I love your font and I would like to use it. Can you contact me :

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