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vinay prasad  20/02/2008
good one
1ke  20/02/2008
Ah, Ray:
Dropping us shiny dimes durch
the gratework of your
I'm hoping carrying on for
tiny ridgelines, serrated
traversing leather soles of squaretoed
dress boots.
StreetLingaz  11/03/2008
I have a few different graffiti spray paint styled fonts, and I have to say, this is my favorite so far. Nice work!
typodermic  autor de Octin Spraypaint Free   10/07/2010
You can see this font used at the end of the film Tropic Thunder.
cupofjoew  27/08/2010
Whats the usage rights on this font? Jmichael.wiles@gmail.com
jima  18/03/2012
Is that free or not for commercial use?
I'll be grateful for Your responce.
typodermic  autor de Octin Spraypaint Free   27/03/2012
Free for commercial use. Check the license agreement here: http://typodermicfonts.com/pages/license

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