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Allegretto  29/04/2007
This is both elegant and rustic, like it belongs in a forest---I love it.
shannon m t  09/07/2007
I have a question is your font copyrighted or can it be used by any one for anything.
iAwesome  17/12/2009
I LOVE IT!!! thanks man! :D
cyrilea  04/01/2010
Love it. It's beautiful and gives a feeling of a dreamland~
MrMegamix  19/02/2010
How to use this font?
busterboe  01/06/2010
I'd like to use this font in a small run book. I can be contacted at
asflowers86  06/08/2010
I am interested in using this font in production of a cd cover for small run of cds to be sold for profit as well as press material. please let me know if i am able to do so.
Jaynz  autor de Neverwinter   05/01/2011
AsFlowers, if you're still around, I generally don't charge a royalty for any of my fonts unless you're modifying the font itself or reselling it. So, feel free to use it on your CDs.
kayelleallen  28/10/2011
Saw this font on a beautiful book trailer on YouTube.
zukzz  19/02/2012
hi, me and a few freinds are creating a new Roleplaying game/rules and we wonder if we may use this font in our logo
Jaynz  autor de Neverwinter   20/02/2012
gyan  06/03/2013
Jaynz, I tried to contact you via your web site, but you don't appear to have that option enabled. I would love to download a version of this font that has accented vowels (lowercase only, grave and acute) for my novels. You can see my workaround on the "Dedication" page via the "Look Inside" feature of DAWNFLIGHT here: ... I would much rather be able to do this in TrueType; thanks!
Jaynz  autor de Neverwinter   06/03/2013
I'm a smidge confused, since the current version here has the common accent-acute and accent-grave characters already included. :S
gyan  06/03/2013
Thanks for clarifying; I must not have had the current version. I downloaded the latest zip, uninstalled/reinstalled the font, and it works great. Thanks again! :D
BoomiBird  04/02/2015
Hi Neverwinter Guru ... in reading some of the previous comments, am I correct in assuming this font can be used as a book title on its cover?
BoomiBird  04/02/2015
to clarify, the novel would be for commercial use. :) thanks.
Jaynz  autor de Neverwinter   05/02/2015
Since 2012 I've had to change the conditions of the fonts to a minor fee for commercial use. I've tried to keep it as minor as possible, but it does pay for my site and the software to make new fonts...

Registration for commercial use can be found at . Neverwinter will be on the fantasy page.

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