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LaurenRuth  07/05/2009
TIGHT. I'm hella jealous.
kirksucks  autor de Negatron   07/05/2009
jealous of my ZERO downloads?
LaurenRuth  08/05/2009
Relax, remember, download stats are updated at 07:00 CEST, thats why the top 100 hasn't changed etcetera... so my new fonts stats are all 0's right now as well. So have no fear, shortly here we'll see some actual stats.
Novelhunter  09/05/2009
Awesome font, It must have been difficult to make. Thanks much.
blanco  12/05/2009
when you download it, it says the file's corrupted.
the preview of the font is gorgeous, though
kirksucks  autor de Negatron   12/05/2009
sorry blanco. I just DL'd it with no problems. anyone else having troubles?
it is a large file that may be causing an issue.

thanks everyone!
kirksucks  autor de Negatron   12/05/2009
also, to it's credit, the actual letters are from the Helvetica family. I Negatronned it out. does that make me a cheater?
LaurenRuth  15/05/2009
No! You can stop worrying about that already, check this out
neil1230  25/05/2009
The preview of the font is awesome.... I like this one.It is difficult to make this one. Good work.
KayBee_2  23/09/2009
This font is awesome! I tried downloading it but file says it's corrupted :( Big disappointment.
kirksucks  autor de Negatron   16/10/2009
shouldnt be corrupted.
zagmathustra  18/02/2010
great font!

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