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Hjr  29/04/2006
Belle Fonte!
Kevin_Panlilio  30/04/2006
wow! to cat: did u put this font here?!?!!! wow
Electzik  02/05/2006
Elle est belle mais il n'ya pas assez de caractères pour être utilisable sur MSN
lukeroberts  04/05/2006
i could have used this a month or two ago when i was making a bunch of Narnia related stuff :P ah well, good to know it's here now! Very well made, too
Grayfire  09/05/2006
Ooh, very nice. Looks very accurate!
Lulu14thebest  03/06/2006
Moi je la trouve très sympa
bloomneo  04/06/2006
like the TV
Heron2001  01/10/2006

Where are you?????
fashion_empire  21/10/2007
Woahhhhh....this font is awesome. It looks exactly like the Narnia logo. =)
Wunderkind_Princess  10/12/2007
This font is SO awesome! I love it! However, I'm having some difficulties with the "r" cuz it won't overlap right.
zagaga  25/04/2009
très bien construite j'adore mais si c'est toi qui la construite peut tu me dire avec quel logiciel

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