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epso  19/01/2009
bumbayo  20/01/2009
wow, very nice!!!!!
angelfoxblue  23/01/2009
Brilliant font - however, the download contains 3 versions of the "fill" font (each with different names).
Gyom Séguin  26/01/2009
Love the style. Having the loops as an independent font file is brilliant.
LeTypoman  26/01/2009
Just Awesome!!! Brilllliiiiiiiiiiiiaaaant work!!!
Clearly one of the best type on dafont since a long time!
Should be commercialised with the missing glyphs...
We are surely gonna see it on many designs soon!!
Facu12  02/02/2009
its really goooood
Andrew Foster  autor de Mister Loopy   09/02/2009
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I encourage everyone to download the update. Mister Loopy is my first attempt at a fully working typeface. If anyone uses it for a piece of personal or commercial work, or if they see it used somewhere, please contact me as I'd love to see examples of it 'in action' Thanks.
Andrew Foster  autor de Mister Loopy   09/02/2009
and... please consider donating via Paypal. A lot of hours, days, weeks and months has gone into the creation of this font. Whatever you can afford ;–)
ideoma  09/02/2009
very original font, very inventive, congrats.
i would like to ask you if your font took very long to appear in dafont. i submitted a font about a week ago and it hasn't shown yet, it was my first and i don' t know what's happening.

fontfan  10/02/2009
Extraordinary, very creative font, thanks a lot!

Could you also create the missing glyphs for other languages (German umlauts, French cedille), please?
VampiricRiRi  09/03/2009
Marvellous font!!! I really love it... SO much I wish I'd thought of it myself haha
rubiologico  09/03/2010
Hello Andrew. I´m spanish so my apologizes for my simply english... I have used one letter of your wonderful creation to create the logo of one new project that I want to build in my city (in a big place: 30 little rooms where musicians can play, and a concert hall, with bio-restaurant and cafe-bar) and other places dedicated to personal growing, sports and creativity. It´s only one character in my Logo, but it´s the most important, and gives it all the sense. I would like to show you when it will be finished at all. Thanks!

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