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kivalefors  09/12/2014
toontown font??? <3
Jeannie.S  13/01/2015
How do I get the license for this font, in order to use versatile? please contact me to discuss further.
myname5749  08/01/2018
just download it and find license...
EliseStu  20/04/2020

I contact you because I would like using your font for a videoclip I shooted.
This videoclip will be shared on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram but I won't get any money from it.
I produced it all by myself with my money and all the person who worked on it where volunteers, so as I said we won't earn any money with it.
I would like to know which licence I need, and how much it will cost me for using your font?

Thanks a lot for your response!
Have a good day;

Elise -

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