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Love Letters

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twqee3  15/01/2008
^^ very nice
SugarSnips  23/11/2008
I would like to use this font for my start-up business and wanted to see if I could get permission from you first!
Addrifunk  16/03/2009
I'd like to use this font in the logo of my company. Quick response needed. My email is: Thank you.
tmuschietti  23/08/2009
I would also like to ask for permission to use this for my name in a small business. It is really lovely and fun. You can email at
iDusk  14/06/2010
Nice! I like to use this is my game! ALLOW/DISALLOW? Quick!
tamithornton  21/01/2011
Any chance I could use in my small business?
Please respond asap! Thanks much! tami@beehivesoap.coom
lbuchanan  17/10/2011

I would like to use your font commercialy for my small home-based business. I will basically be using it occasionally for personalized stationery and gifts. If you could please let me know at your earliest convenience I would greatly appreciate it! E-mail:

Thanks so much!
jenuine  12/07/2012
I love this font! I also wondered if it would be possible to use it commercially for my small home-based business. My e-mail is Thanks so much!
Hey Pizzadude, great font, I was wondering If I might be able to use this font for maybe a logo if you could let me know--thanks man, great work, you can email me at
joannahmccall  09/10/2015
I would like to use this font in my small home based business. Could you please email me Thanks
Daggles  15/11/2015
Hi, I'm a home based needlework designer and was hoping to use the Love Letters font for some stitcheries to be sold in my local area. However all attempts to contact the author Jacob (pizza dude) have been to no avail. Any suggestions as to how I might contact him?
Thanking you, Daggles 😊
ladylittle  08/04/2016
A client of mine is interested in using this font in her all natural cleaner logo. Can I use it?

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