Kill The Noise

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bridge61  15/06/2015
This is a very edgy, cool font. I'd like to use it in a logo, is that ok with you? You are amazingly talented! Thank you Andrew!
IMORTALAudio  23/10/2015
There should be international letters for this font... Like maybe even a few greek letters.
Jerry76  10/12/2016
Hey, I want to use it in a logo. Can you contact me? is it ok?
mgmuranaka  01/02/2017
NAL is my hero! You guys are awesome
georgia0  02/10/2017
This font is great. Is it okay for me to use it in a logo please? Could you let me know?
Thank you!
Shiron212  22/10/2018
Frequencerz font :D
redservice-goho  31/10/2018
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial use. Please email me at
saeedrouf  30/11/2018
Hi, I would like to use this font for my gaming channel as logo. Please contact me (saeed.rouf[at] if you have any objection. Thank you.
Kimikun  24/07/2019
Good day Chequered Ink, would like to know if I can use Kill the Noise font in my logo and website as some of the writing.
Thanks so much
epicness1o1  16/01/2020
Hi, I would like to use this font as a logo and for my youtube channel is that okay? Please contact me on
jordace  31/01/2020
Hi I would like to use this text for a logo. Can you please contact me on
josuetrindades  06/04/2020
Hi, this font is amazing. I would like to use it for a logo. Please contact me thanks

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