KG Defying Gravity

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caldevera  09/04/2014
awesome font!
jordanpond  09/04/2014
ctrlaltf12  15/04/2014
Wow, like it !
jay_mesa  17/10/2014
Hi, I was wondering how do you get the flag effect on the end of the font? (sorry for rookie question.)
mamakimberly  autor de KG Defying Gravity   03/11/2014
@JayMesa- use the [ and ] keys :)
junbo  25/11/2017
Really nice font!
cassgarc  22/08/2018
When I use this font the space between the words does not have the black background so the whole phrase doesn't look like a banner. What am I doing wrong?
amyweimer  25/09/2018
I have the same question @mamakimberly, how do you use a space without having a gap in the banner?
taylormjordan  03/01/2021
@cassagarc and @amyweimer , ungroup and then move the letters closer then group again!

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