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RAS-UTOPIA  11/12/2008
nopthebuilder  08/01/2009
lokking great, allow me to use..thks
TravlynWomyn  01/02/2009
These are great - and versatile too. many thanks
mtension  autor de Impact Label   02/02/2009
Thanks, enjoy.
hastengel  15/02/2009
wow i've been searching for a great font like this!!
thank you so much
nikki epperson  10/03/2009
Are your fonts CU ok?
mtension  autor de Impact Label   10/03/2009
nikki, I do not know what CU means. Could you explain? Thanks.
megrant  10/03/2009
Michael - great font. I'm starting a small business and am interested in licensing this font for a logo. (I'm just starting out and I'm making no money, so don't get too excited!) How do I reach you?
mtension  autor de Impact Label   11/03/2009
Mary, the font is free to use for what ever you wish - for free. If you feel inclined there is a PayPal donation link on the Michael Tension page (you will find a link on the red bar at the top of this page). No pressure, itís your choice. Good luck with the new business.
stefanojoomla  13/03/2009
the file are the same! someone knows where we can find the reversed one?
nikki epperson  14/03/2009
Sorry, I meant Commercial Use.
mtension  autor de Impact Label   14/03/2009
Nikki: CU... seems very obvious to me now.

stefanojoomlai: I just downloaded the font too see if it had both versions and it did. I built the files to have the reversed show up in a font menu like bold or italic would. It shouldnít be listed as two fonts. Maybe have a look there?
Susanna-Cole  14/03/2009
I love this font, however when I try to use the regular font (not the reversed) it shows up in half? You can only ever see half the letters... I believe I had this font installed on my old computer and it worked fine, I don't understand why it'll only write, cut in half...anyone know what the problem could be or how I could fix it? Thanks!
mtension  autor de Impact Label   15/03/2009
Susanna-Cole: what program/softwear are you using?
Susanna-Cole  15/03/2009
Thanks for getting back to me! And oh, just a free software, called maybe the program is the problem? Because I used Paint Shop Pro 7 prior to this, and if I remember, the font worked fine with PSP7...
mtension  autor de Impact Label   15/03/2009
Susanna-Cole: I figured it may be the program not knowing what to do with height of the characters. I am new at making fonts an do not know how I could fix this. Sorry I couldnít be more helpful.
Susanna-Cole  15/03/2009
That's okay, I appreciate you replying anyhow, and now that I think about it, I actually could just use the old family computer (which still has PSP7 on it) for a few minutes to add in your font on the graphic I'm working on! :)
chiaroscurist  28/03/2009
Reversed sems to be the way to go for me...!
chaitea  10/04/2009
Thank you so much for making this font. You helped me a lot. mostly with the awesome factor.
mtension  autor de Impact Label   13/04/2009
Thank you very much!
stonee31  22/04/2009
I'm trying to download but the file ext is efw and not ttf. So I cant install it. Any thoughts on why?
ugghhzilla  23/04/2009
Loving this font mate! Whenever I've been skimming the top 100 fonts on here recently this font always jumps out at me!

Mind if I make use of this in a t-shirt design?
mtension  autor de Impact Label   23/04/2009
stonee31: I am not sure why the extension would change. I just emailed you the .ttf files.

ugghhzilla: Glad you like the fonts, and thanks for saying so. Go ahead and use them for whatever you like.
mickbo21  02/05/2009
Love the font. Thanks. Having small problem though, if I install both fonts I can only access "reversed" through PS CS2. If I delete "reversed" I can then access "regular". I'd like to have both, any idea why this is happening? Thanks.
mtension  autor de Impact Label   03/05/2009
The font is set up so when both are installed reversed shows up like an italic or bold would in a font family. Install them both and change regular to reversed. Hope that makes sense.
Yak  05/05/2009
Just wanted to let you know that this font is excellent; exactly what I needed for my final year project. Thanks a lot!
mtension  autor de Impact Label   08/05/2009
Thanks for letting me know Yak, I really appreciate getting feed back.
Yak  11/05/2009
Hello again. Just realized I'm having the same problems as others installing the two and using them simultaneously. Could you please explain in a little more detail how you change regular to reversed? I'm using Windows.
mtension  autor de Impact Label   11/05/2009
If both font files are installed they will shop up as just Impact Label (1 font) in the font list. Donít think of it as two different fonts, reversed is just another style from the same font family (you change the style in the second menu e.g. roman to bold or italic etc). I hope this is helpful.
Yak  12/05/2009
The menu shows regular and reversed, but they both come out the same: currently I have both installed. When you choose "reversed" it shows up reversed like it should, but if I try to use "regular", it looks like the reversed one too, so both options are the same. If I delete Reversed from the font library then Regular kicks back in, but it seems you can't use both at the same time. :(
mtension  autor de Impact Label   13/05/2009
Sorry to hear that Yak, I donít know what to recommend, it works fine for me in Adobe soft wear and that is really all I use. What are you using? Are you on a Mac or PC?
Yak  13/05/2009
I use Adobe software too - mainly InDesign CS3 at the moment - but on Windows. Do you use a Mac? Maybe it's a matter of platform incompatibility?
mtension  autor de Impact Label   14/05/2009
Yeah, could be Yak. Unfortunately I do not have years of experience creating fonts to trouble shoot from. I will see if I can Google some answers and get post what I find. Best I can do Iím afraid.
Yak  17/05/2009
It's all good. I reckon most people will only really use Impact since the reverse looks like a typewriter anyway.

Thanks again for the font!
dilmo22  03/07/2009
Lacks "«Á"
littlequeefgirl  10/07/2009
This is a great font! I'm trying to get the Impact Label but I only get reversed. Why is this?
littlequeefgirl  10/07/2009
Never mind, now it only shows up as Impact Label, which is what I wanted lol thanks anyways haha
toronjaespacial  10/07/2009
Muchas gracias...estaba buscando esta tipografia, me sirve mucho. Saludos desde argentina

Thank you very much ... I was looking for this font, I need a lot. Greetings from argentina
toronjaespacial  10/07/2009
Greetings from
mtension  autor de Impact Label   10/07/2009
Youíre welcome toronjaespacial. dilmo22: maybe I will update the font in the future and add some more characters
Lindabglw  25/07/2009
Great font! Thanks so much! I wanted to mention for those who are only seeing half of the letters - I'm using Paint Shop Pro and when I changed the "stroke width" to 0, half of each letter disappeared. When I change the stroke width to 1, it works fine. Hope that helps someone!
mtension  autor de Impact Label   29/07/2009
I got some help from with my font files (which they fixed for me, thanks!)so I will be submitting an update that should end the troubles PC users are having with this font set. Thanks for being patient!
fdundon  16/11/2009
Hi. Am really loving this font and am asking you if i could possibly use it for my business. what are your feelings.
mtension  autor de Impact Label   04/03/2010
fdundon, sure you can. Enjoy.
Linnizs  08/03/2010
Fantastic font! Too bad you didn't include the letter Ň, though..
mtension  autor de Impact Label   09/03/2010
Linnizes: Unfortunately speaking only English, it is very easy for me to miss characters that are important to other languages. Let me know of any more that would make this face complete and I will ad them to the font. Cheers.
chubra  11/03/2010
Great font man! If you could just add a few more letters - Č, Ć and Đ. Thanks!
mtension  autor de Impact Label   12/03/2010
Well, how about we get everybody to request what characters are needed, and I will make one complete font for all I can.
Stefan Vanli  12/03/2010
nice font) i think i saw it in a jack jones store...
mtension  autor de Impact Label   19/03/2010
Stefan, cool, wish I had seen that. Thanks.
mtension  autor de Impact Label   21/03/2010
RAS-UTOPIA, it is not a copy. It is a more modern Dymo. Looks pretty good.
NEON_TANGO  13/04/2010
MT: Rockin' font! Great resolution and sizing. Many thanks for a full character chart, too. Was able to use your Impact Label to replace four similar, but underperforming fonts. Access to punctuation, accents, and common symbols your big advantage. Dymo pales in your might shadow!

Was able to install the Impact Label family with zero problems on my Mac PowerBook G4, running Tiger (OS X 10.4.11). For Mac'ers using Font Book app., the TTF files will install as two separate fonts rather than 1 family, but no usage or appearance issues whatsoever.
NEON_TANGO  13/04/2010
Correction to my comment:

mtension  autor de Impact Label   13/04/2010
NEON TANGO: thanks for taking the time to share your enjoyment of my font. Cheers!
SLRMC93  29/04/2010
Amazing fonts especially Impact label!
Pi Luo  25/05/2010
was gonna say looks like ff dynamoe but someone already beat me to it. darn it! D:
mtension  autor de Impact Label   08/06/2010
Pi Luo, Dynamoe is a square letter version of a DYMO label. Quite different really. Itís like comparing Helvetica to Eurostyle. In my mind it is great to have some choices. Thanks for commenting.
earle  30/08/2010

You do some great work! Excellent stuff! I am trying to use the Impact Label in Microsoft Publisher and embed it. After embedding the font, and reopening the document it keeps stating "preview-only font" as if there is some restriction on the font. Do know what might be causing this to happen?

mtension  autor de Impact Label   15/09/2010
earle, I am not sure what would cause this. i will look at my source file, but I am pretty sure embedding is allowed. Thanks for your comment.
StarletV  28/12/2010
I guess it is very special. I wouldn't use it everywhere, only to emphasize some bad emotions. You know there is a song Come Thou Font by Jordan Bluth (I downloaded it once at music SE ). I think we can express our thoughts and emotions not only with words but with fonts too.
reispieces  13/01/2011
Dear MTension: I'm getting 'tense'...trying to download youre awesome Impact font. I keep getting an 'invalid' message when I try to open the downloaded file and there's not .ttf file there (I've been able to successfully download other fonts...what am I doing wrong here). I'm on a PC. Would love your guidance...BTW...AWESOME FONT! :)
lb22  16/03/2011
Very nice font! Please let me know if I can use it for commercial purposes?

inkerbel  22/03/2011
Registered just so I could tell you how much I absolutely love this font. Great job, can't wait to use it!
mtension  autor de Impact Label   24/03/2011
Ib22: yup, you can use the font commercially. See the included license for the details.
inkerbel: Thanks, thatís very cool of you to do that. I appreciate the support.
nafem  25/06/2011
Does the licence allow for web use?
ta5h  17/02/2012
Love this font, ever since I upgraded to windows 7 and photoshop/illustrator cs5, I can no longer use it? it doesn't appear all that shows in my font folder is "reversed" but doesn't work. Any suggestions?
mtension  autor de Impact Label   18/03/2012
ta5h: Its the first time I have heard of this. I use cs5 on a Mac and it works fine. Try downloading the file again? Or, I can email an open type file and see if that works.
Tino2000  19/03/2012
I love your font as well, but have a problem with it: the fonts itself are transparent. Is there any possibility, not only to change the color of the "tape", but also of the fonts, or at least make them solid white?
diegoman  03/04/2012
Mtension, congrats for this font! unfortunately is not working in windows 7. Im using CS4 and I can't use reversed option.
Suggestions are welcome!
Thank you!
susanlangenes  23/06/2012
Everything works brilliantly in win7 CS5 for me.

But this is a trip: I am using this font with the @font-face CSS declaration on a website and it diplays very differently in webkit browsers on my windows machine - the bottom part of what would be the plastic sticker stuff below the actual letter form is shaved off. Still legible but line height is shorter. Totally normal in all other browsers, totally normal in ALL browsers on linux machine, totally normal everywhere else. Anyone else seen this? the url is I'd love to hear from anyone out there who has insight...
mtension  autor de Impact Label   09/07/2012
Canít help you there, sorry.
brooklynette  12/08/2012
I always have trouble creating a "space" between words with label-like fonts, so that the words appear on a single strip. What am I doing wrong?
mtension  autor de Impact Label   19/10/2012
Pretty sure I designed the font to have a black strip when you use the space bar. Not sure why it doesn't work for you.
belmarchant  28/04/2013
Absolutely loved your font, but everytime i download it, i keep getting an error :( Could you please tell me if there's any solution? I'll appreciate it very much!
mtension  autor de Impact Label   03/09/2013
I would need to know what platform you are running (Windows vs OS X) and what the error message is.
Clarisse M  18/07/2014
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial purposes. I m creative invitation craft. How much is it?
(I started, and it's a very small company, don't be too greedy please!)

Thank you.
††††† Clarisse M.
mtension  autor de Impact Label   06/10/2014
Clarisse M: whatever amount you feel is fair (or can afford) if fine for commercial use. Thank you for asking. Cheers.
sprinkleofpizza  14/10/2014
hands up to all the 5sosfam here
monicnic  14/02/2015
hi, im a student and plaanning to sell shirts. i wanted to use your font coz it's amazing. is it ok for commercial use? though i dont have credit cards. how do i reach you?
mtension  autor de Impact Label   07/03/2015
monicnic: you can email me at: glad you like the font :)
mtension  autor de Impact Label   07/03/2015
Auto corrected :( email:
walshell  19/07/2015
Hi This font is exactly what I'm looking for but whenever i use it I get a white line between each letter. Am I doing something wrong, I'm using ps6
walshell  23/07/2015
ok I figured it out, my av spacing was at the wrong setting. Thanks for font
itrinidad  16/10/2015
hello, we would love to use this font for our upcoming back to the future day promo. Can you please get in contact with me to let us know whether we need to obtain a license and if so what fee would be involved.
riccardomay  07/11/2015
Hello, I've just dropped an e-mail at, coming from address.
Could you please answer me back asap?

Many thanks in advance
tgif  24/02/2020
Hi, I've been looking for such a font for a long time -- I'm so glad, I've finally found it! It's amazing. I've just got one question: in your images, the letters are really centred inside the black parts, from all sides. Yet, when I use it (Word), the white letters stick at the bottom of the black part, leaving a bigger space of black at the top. Do you have an idea why that is? Thanks!
FitTrainer  21/07/2022
Thank you for sharing. This is such a great font.
I will remember you for my Fonts~Label:lol.

Thanks mtension

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