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Vincent_Berg  31/03/2019
Except, your website HAS no note attached, and as usual, the font isn't listed either. Given the price of your other fonts, I'll assume it's $10, but it would be nice to see whether it's a complete font or not.

That said, I like your approach: Here, the stripped down font is complete free, but if you'd like the full font, it's cost you a little extra. It's a nice change of pace from 'you can play with this to your hearts content, but if you use it ANYWHERE, your legally liable (which is true anyway, the threats won't stop anyone from abusing it).
cove703  autor de Golden Ranger   31/03/2019
Thank you for your appreciate. But this is not my full version font. I will make the full version for another font.
DKdangles  03/04/2019
Do you have a txt file describing that this file is free or do you have a commercial version?

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