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Munster Studio  17/07/2010
Great! I love Bebas and its great that you have complete the font!
tedzki  17/07/2010
why does this font look so good? =)
MRfrukta  21/07/2010
kohgpat  22/07/2010
Looks great!
K Wilson  31/08/2010
Does anyone know if this is free for commercial use?? :)
onlyiwillremain  01/09/2010
The S looks rather jagged.
hossammody  13/09/2010
great ,,,,
dokluch  01/02/2011
look at number 2. what the?
Ryoichi  autor de Bebas Neue   09/03/2011

from Designer of BEBAS NEUE

If you need to contact me please visit our web site and contact from there.

faggot  28/03/2011
the S is gross looking
lonpo  19/04/2011
This is greate
LolaFreitas  02/11/2011
It's a great font, but 2 is not finished!
Directioner  27/09/2012
ok i need this font in ttf not otf :) pwease
eautoczesci  26/10/2012
Very interesting font, good for dawnloading!
Milutin  11/11/2012
Is there a posibility to add letters for this font like:đćč
malvolio  29/11/2012
VERY nice font!
Balsamic  10/12/2012
Is this free for commercial use?
Mattttt  29/01/2013
Very nice font and I use it for my website. However I have an issue with IE8... Have you already had it?
Natt  30/01/2013
I like it!!! This is my favorite Font :D
raja cetak  04/02/2013
-MngHSB  16/04/2013
en mi photoscape no abre! solo abre "BEBAS"
mattnguyenn  24/04/2013
This Font is so Perfect!
salmacordero  18/05/2013
the font is as dashing as me!!!!!!!!
Kodoichi  24/09/2013
Dharma Type simply copied the DIN 1451 font and altered it slightly by adding an awful S, R, 5 and 2.
vivo  29/10/2013
All sans serif look exactly the same as DIN1451 for Kodoichi.
freefontspro  12/12/2013
Another nice font, thanks.
peterp  17/02/2014
Love how clean and crisp this is, good work.
cnorden  24/02/2014
Hi, when o download the font the special characters () are not included. What am I doing wrong??
Ryoichi  autor de Bebas Neue   13/03/2014
Please download from
Ryoichi  autor de Bebas Neue   25/03/2014
Version1.4 will be released soon.
Fixed "S" and "2" problems
SebaKL  06/04/2014
What are best serif typefaces to go with Bebas ?
kred  13/04/2014
Yes, the "2" at present need to be reworked, out my overall impression - great font!
elenab  15/10/2014
I love this font!!! thank you thank you thank you!! :) :)
Usuario eliminado 815886  06/11/2014
great font, very clear
Kannan  17/11/2014
This is brilliant. Is there a lower case for this font? What about a similar font that can be used alongside this one?
Kodoichi  26/12/2014
vivo has no clue about typography.
Peter.dar  03/05/2015
This is a perfectly shaped font
Tre'Shawn Deandre  02/10/2015
damiani  12/10/2015
One of my favourite sans serif fonts
Moussa Zama  18/11/2015
merci pour tout les biens faits je suis trs satisfait pour cette police...
kyouzins  19/12/2015
Nice font. Thanks for sharing it.
Good for stickers
lli-design  02/02/2016
Hi, Great font, is it available in a lighter weight ? Is it free for all commercial projects or do would we need to purchase a commercial license ? If so where can we do that ?

Please get in touch via

jouley  30/03/2016
Hi, Ryoichi. I'm a freelance illustrator and I'm planning to use Bebas Neue for a book cover design for a client whose book is to be sold. Can you tell me if it's completely alright for me to do so, or if there's any license I must purchase?

Thank you.
RmyT  31/03/2016
Classique et efficace, merci pour cette police...
Can I use this font commercially for a one off restaurant?

Thank you for your assistance! My email address is:
PieLore  01/06/2016
i want to use this font for a t-shirt contest so can you please give me the details on commercial use contact me here:

jmage  14/06/2016
Hi ! I work for a theatre association, And we would like to use your font for a poster and few flyers. Could you tell me if it's completely free or if we need to buy a licence ? Please answer me on my email adress : We need to print the poster soon. Thank you very much in advance.
lologom  07/11/2016
Can I use this font commercially? Please let me know~
Hiplikealexs  29/12/2016
I can't download any font and it's stressing me out
Cloud_9  30/12/2016
Love this font! Has to be one of my favs! I use fonts on here for thumbnails and I have to say this is the best!❤️
thirstysleeves  11/01/2017
I would like to use commercially as well for a proceed-based tshirt company. Please send me details
Ryoichi  autor de Bebas Neue   23/06/2017
I can not check this forum every time.
Please send email to
darius99  25/01/2018
Simple font with perfect readability. Good work!
Kendrah23  06/02/2018
I would like to use your font bebaus neue commercially as well as for a tshirt line. Please lmk details if this is possible.
eurotrash2k  14/02/2018
Thank you for this gorgeous font. I'm just an amateur, but I appreciate your font and your work.
sshin  20/03/2018
Is this free for commercial use?
alysdexia  16/05/2018
simpsonbarbara44  24/05/2018
could like to use commercially for tshirt send info to me at
op_kane  04/07/2018
This font has become the Generalisimo of fonts. Congratulations on a decade of perfection!
Ryoichi  autor de Bebas Neue   03/02/2019
We released Bebas Neue Pro.
It has lowercase and italic.
Please try at
persotec  22/02/2019
Great font!
FennecTheFox  11/04/2019
How do I use this font in GIMP? There are so many files in the zip.

Do I add/install one of these or all of these?

BebasNeue-Regular - (2 of these, not sure why)
eri.quispe  09/12/2019
I love this font, I'd like to use it for a "commercial logo" is it possible?... great job!. bless you
Ryoichi  autor de Bebas Neue   10/12/2019
Yes, you can use this font commercial logo.
Aralthis  24/02/2020
Absolutely love the font, using it for my TF2 HUD, oh and to clear up any questions for the Author, since this font is under the SIL license, this basically means you can use it for whatever you're doing.
musty87  27/06/2020
Hi, Good font! Can I use this font commercially?
fcnsc  27/08/2020
Nice font , excellent
ORCP29  21/10/2020
I love font!..Can I use this font commercially?
abdo_shahba  28/10/2020
@ORCP29 , you can use it free for commercial purpose. When you download it, you will see text files clarify that you can use it commercially. It is is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1
Thank you
Rashad1488  21/12/2020

May i please use this font for commercial use for a clothing line ...

please reply here or my email @

ayy  18/02/2021
I can I use this font for commercial use?
My email is
iamzaki2756  31/05/2021
Is this free for commercial use?
Please reply here at
this is the most downloaded font in da font
azazi  18/03/2022
Arrig4t0  02/06/2022
Echt ein super Font.
Ich glaube Ihn gesehen zu haben auf
Ryoichi  autor de Bebas Neue   04/07/2022
I can not check this forum every time.
Please send email to
mariagottelli  06/07/2022
I love this fon!!!
melee  08/07/2022
ThIS FONT is on the public domain , so im assuming its free to use as we wish, wether its comercial, personal
JOOSEOYEON  22/06/2023
Please contact me by email for commercial use of this font.

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