An Unfortunate Event

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zagaga  11/05/2009
Super police vraiment j'adore.
dragonzair  08/06/2009
Is it legal to use this in a high school yearbook cover?
FDSuprema  02/07/2010
Oh man. Never imagined I'd find a Series of Unfortunate Events themed font here... Looks amazing, by the way.
josephgrazone  30/07/2010
yeah... but its not the one used on the Books' Cover (N)
penguinchick  29/04/2011
Penguin Group Australia would like to use your font on the cover of a book.
Could you please contact me on if you are able to grant us permission?
With thanks, Michelle
Mikerogers91  21/08/2011
I really like this font! But I noticed there is no usage right's or requirement's for it. If you could fill me in and let me know what they are I would appreciate it!

Aranea23  25/12/2011
Thank you very much for this beautiful font! I's wonderful!
I was searching for it and got help from a forum on an other site to find it!
Now I've got a very nice Christmas-present!

yellowbathduck  19/03/2012
I would like to use this lovely font for a film poster we are currently designing. Could we please have your permission. You can contact me at I'm Guy Browning. Many thanks.
marta kurek  01/06/2012
Would like to use Your font for a logo design, appreciate a reply
yeahwrite  08/08/2012
I would like to use your font for the logo of an indie game I'm helping with. Would appreciate a reply. Please send a PM.
CrypticX  28/08/2012
Is this font strictly for personal use or is there a commercial license we can purchase? There is no contact information whatsoever and I'm sure myself, and several others, would love to be able to use this font on our creative projects.
SpaceOctopus  21/12/2012
It reallllly needs numbers. Such a bummer too, because otherwise it works really well as one of the fonts I want to use customizing my computer display, as in, the title bar or something. I tried it, but without the numbers, it can't display what I need to see. Even non-styled numbers would be better than the logo, but anyways, great font.
choc_tpot  autor de An Unfortunate Event   19/02/2013
I am the creator of this font and I just wanted to explain why there can not be a commercial license for this font.

The font is based on the logo for the movie Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events. Therefore, the copyright to the original artwork is, as far as I know, owned by Warner Bros. Any characters that were not part of the logo have been created in the same style. I created the font for non profit purposes as I do not have any rights to the original artwork, and therefore I cannot profit from the use of the design (Although I guess technically I own the rights to any of the characters not used in the logo!)

The 'De-Warped' version is based on Trajan, so again, I can't claim credit for that.

Should you want permission to use the artwork this will need to be obtained through Warner Bros.

However... I'm know expert when it comes to copyright (I've had run ins with Speilbergs lawyers for a few other fonts I created in the past!), so if anyone is an expert, and believes I could license and be making money from this, by all means leave a comment here!

Sorry I couldn't be more help, and apologies I haven't previously responded to any of the comments on here. I haven't checked this for about 5 years!

Can u add that accents please
Nicole21049  01/08/2016
I can used your font for my cover of my wattpad story?
(Sorry for the bad english)

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