A Yummy Apology

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cool font:) I Love it!
shuga_leigh  17/09/2009
nice font
hbm  18/10/2009
cool font.... could you add accents???please!!!
Bouledefeuu  20/01/2010
I love Scripture
b2binet  11/10/2010
This font is so beautiful, but unfortunately I need the accents. Can you add them ?
Thank you very much
curlyface101  07/11/2010
This was great for me and my girlfriend to be back together I printed this from notepad and she accepted!TY!
penguinchick  11/07/2011
Just checking that it is ok to use this on a book cover? Please email me to discuss on michelle.atkins@au.penguingroup.com

Thanks! Michelle
pamelahaley  12/01/2012
I'd like to use your font "A Yummy Apology" in part of a Logo for a
Start-up. Probably just the capital "S". Right now I'm just creating
the proposal. If my client likes it; what do you need in exchange if I
use it? e-mail pamelahaley@me.com
fonto  11/05/2012
Hi, can i use your font for a book cover? I need to know asap? Thanks
Whims  17/07/2012
Hi, I'm trying to contact you in regards to use of this font in a website banner for a commercial site

Badshawn  25/12/2012
Hello I'd like to use your font "A Yummy Apology" in part of a Logo, can I get permission thanks, hoptoit177@gmail.com
RRosenfelt  12/02/2013
I was wondering if any of you received the ok to use this font. I work for a small non-profit and we would like to use it for a direct mail piece but his email keeps bouncing.

Laraa:)  16/10/2013
this is a very nice font, but i had a problem with it. I just downloaded it yesterday, and it worked. For only one day. Than i opened the 'zip' file and the 'AYUMA___.TTF' on the next day, and it doesn't worked. :( I deleted the file and downloaded it again today, but not works now neither.
Did anybody have this problem with the font? Or only me? :(
lazy_python  24/10/2015
For commercial purpose? Plz let me know grs93saravana@gmail.com
K-G1990  13/06/2016
May I use this font as part of a logo? Please contact me as soon as possible: kgonzalez1990@hotmail.com
Pixeljade  25/06/2017
Hey, can I use this for a business card I'm making for a friend? Email at jlejeck88@gmail.com

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