007 GoldenEye

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max123  08/05/2006
super police
Heron2001  07/03/2007
Not exactly the same - way too thin and too weak

The original title type for the James Bond series was handlettered - there was no font.
jo66jo  13/06/2007
I was happy to find this font! Could I perhaps use it for printing on t-shirts? Totally non-commercial use! Please contact me jhedenbo(a)abo.fi
Jpermaul  11/07/2008
yes heron is right..... the circumference of the O is 0.034 cm to small
bisaaks  26/09/2014
I absolutely love it aside from the fact that there is no punctuation (i.e. Commas, dashes, colons) had to search other fonts in my library to try and match it but aside from that great font
noah417  27/11/2017
this font is so fucking cool
ofthedead209  14/06/2018
anyone know how to get into contact with him ?
would like to use this for a commercial use project and want to see the pricing of the font but the website doesn't work anymore

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