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It's also a very important tool for me to promote my own fonts through demos. It was my main promotion tool, because it is very hands on and I am not a big fan of posting on social media and self-promoting me, rather than just letting the fonts speak for themselves. Every time I upload, it seems, it keeps taking them longer. It used to be a week, then a month and now half a year. I don't understand what is happening but I sure hope they get out of their current situation.

Well that's great then, because I'll just assume, in absence of an email, that the submission is still pending approval, which removes pretty much all the guess-work

I've submitted my first demo font. Have some here on from before.

The policy of not receiving an email if the font is not accepted is a disrespectful decision to the type designers. We're bringing content to your site. For better or worse, we work on these fonts.

Not knowing if you are still in the "pending" queue or rejected is pretty off. If a font has been rejected, the designer wants to know why, we put a lot of time in our work. Keeping your decisions vague and the designers uncertain is not the honest, open and respectful way to go about this.

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