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29.06.2013 um 00:27  [Antwort]  Problem with Barbarian font

Uhmm... I redownloaded and reinstalled it yet it still does not work for me. Are you also using openoffice? windows 7?

28.06.2013 um 10:41  [Ausgangseintrag]  Problem with Barbarian font

I´ve been using this wonderful site for very very little, but I am already loving it. I started writting my fan-made game fantasy setting for roleplaying games, and wanted to use the barbarian font for the title...

It does not work. I am using windows 7, and trying to write on openoffice, if that helps? It does not show at all. The other fonts work perfectly well, even on mspaint, but this one does not, for some reason.

Do I need to install some special software? other fonts were just click and drag to the font directory. I did the same for this one and it said "installing" but still refuses to work.

When I click a .tff file, my computer normally opens a sort of tiny preview of the font with the word "font" on it. I assume this is normal. But the barbarian.ttf file opens a blank image

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