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Oh no, I don't need bolded or italics, it would be nice to have like a question mark, but mainly it just want the word "Lyricist" to look normal. So fix the problem with the "L"s spacing. I would be happy to pay the author but I can't get a hold of him. Looks like he just posted the font years ago and then split.

I fully intend to, but are you sure you got the rights understood correctly? You're taking someone elses work, the person who actually made the font, and tweaking the spacing a tiny bit? That doesn't make it your font.

Ok dude I think you're just trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of me. I've gotten messages from other authors willing to do it for less and they aren't saying I have to buy the rights to it on top of what I pay them.

What do you mean full transfer of rights? You saying it would be your font, and I'd have to buy the rights to use it from you?

Ok so you'd be asking $120-160 for the font overhaul?

What do you mean it doesn't have spacing? and could you fix it? I would pay you?

I dont know what that is :P

yeah that one--I uploaded two of the same font, so it added a 2 on the end of the name

It's is called "EA Font" on dafont, which is where I got it. If you know of any similar fonts, let me know because I found a bunch but none quite like this one

I want the EA Font that they used for Madden and Tiger Woods Game Covers, and this is the font that comes to closest to it. I couldn't get a hold of the author and yeah it does has some flaws but it's what I'm looking for. I don't know how to use the lettering.js. Could you just quick go in and edit the "L" and then I'll pay you for it?

Yeah but I have absolutely NO clue how to do that :/

So you can do it then?

Hey I downloaded a font for my website, but it looks like the letter "L" on it is faulty, especially when it's placed next to the letter "Y". Here's what I mean on my website:

However this is a big deal bc we use the word "Lyricist" a ton throughout our site and the LY-ricist makes the word appear oddly spaced as you can see on the banner to that page.

I was hoping to find someone that could edit this font and fix that letter "L" for me. I will pay for it.


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