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10.12.2013 um 09:31  [Antwort]  How to edit comments?

Well if you think my comment is inappropriate or I'm advertising my 'PRODUCT' that means we have a different point of view.
I don't want to be bittered by your comment. Thank you for replying. I'll stop thanking the creators from now and will not use dafont again in the future.

07.12.2013 um 01:20  [Antwort]  How to edit comments?

Hi. No, actually it's not a product. It's just a short amateur video, and I don't get anything, I don't monetize the videos, and I don't need to get more views either, I'm just a school teacher.
It's a gesture of appreciation/gratitude and showing the creators on how their art creation is used. So if they have any objections, they can tell me directly.
This kind of gesture is very common actually, You should check on DeviantArt, to see that. (I'm not affiliated to that site, though).

Thanks for the reply.

06.12.2013 um 06:13  [Ausgangseintrag]  How to edit comments?

Hi, I've thanked the creators of some fonts by giving them the link of the video where I used the fonts. Unfortunately, I decided to delete the video and want to change the link to the new uploaded one, how to edit my comments?

I want to delete this video and change the link.

Thanks in advance. (FYI: I don't use it commercially, it's just a school project, and I don't want the creators to go to a deleted video on YouTube. Thanks.)

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