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04.03.2014 um 21:52  [Ausgangseintrag]  what is this font

the main logo part. "LA GEAR" is this even a font or some one off?

Bearbeitet am 04.03.2014 um 21:52 von kirksucks

14.10.2012 um 21:13  [Antwort]  help me pls!!!!

Rockwell Extra Bold is close

Vorgeschlagener Font: Rockwell Extra Bold

Bearbeitet am 14.10.2012 um 21:33 von pilaster

vector is never going to be in full color. my question is, can you type, using the type tool in photoshop with a "photo" font? is that a real thing?

what the hell am I looking at then?

Has anyone heard of this, and what is it? that's the whole point of this post. its not a .ttf vector font. but from what it says it can be used in photoshop.

13.10.2012 um 15:35  [Ausgangseintrag]  Full color bitmap fonts? photofont?

I've been doing some googling and have come across a way to do full color fonts. they're mainly geared towards on screen use.
I've found a couple programs that will make them but they are really expensive. does anyone know anything more about this technology?

13.06.2010 um 08:00  [Antwort]  confusedd

make sure your hand isn't in the blender when you turn it on also. this can cause problems.

20.05.2010 um 02:18  [Antwort]  What Font is this??

Futura maybe?

20.05.2010 um 02:17  [Antwort]  Any Idea ?

i doubt its a font. at least all the way. the size changes, the colors. do you have another example?

20.05.2010 um 02:15  [Antwort]  Is this a dingbat?

there's also tutorials on how to make em by hand in Illustrator.

20.05.2010 um 02:12  [Antwort]  Look at each others fonts...

i remember doing web design back in 99/2000 and clients were using AOL 2.0 or didnt even know what a browser was. I'd ask: "what browser are you using?" and get the answer: "I got Yahoo"

so yea do us a favor and upgrade. FF will do anything you need it to.

I gotta take some time and look at your guys's fonts. I'm no font pro so my critiques might be a little civilian.

16.05.2010 um 18:28  [Antwort]  Look at each others fonts...

I would suggest ditching IE altogether. there are many better alternatives these days. Most web sites dont even test in IE6 anymore, your browsing experience must be horrible.

15.05.2010 um 18:13  [Antwort]  Look at each others fonts...

using IE6 is just a problem in genereal. update your browser! ha ha

thanks for the thorough review, I agree with much of what you said. alot of it was inexperience and just testing the waters of making fonts. I'm glad you like Decco Disco, no one else seems to. thanks.

I dont make these for money, only hope someone is honest enough to donate for commercial use. Most of these fonts I did during breaks at my old job and didnt really spend a ton of time on.

I'll check out other's fonts and try to make some comments as well. I'm no font expert tho.

13.05.2010 um 22:51  [Antwort]  Look at each others fonts...

i was thinking more like we just check out each others fonts. and have a discussion about it here.

13.05.2010 um 03:05  [Ausgangseintrag]  Look at each others fonts...

We should all look at each others fonts and tell each other how awesome we are. (or not awesome)

post in font comments or here. I'm bored.

10.05.2010 um 04:06  [Antwort]  password for fonts

and your still you. nice to see you here Kat.

09.05.2010 um 19:14  [Antwort]  Carpenter ICG.

You 'heard'? Heard from where, the text in the terms of use that said you had to pay? If you found a "free" version of this it would be an illegal and unauthorized version. If you do not want to pay, find another truly free font that is similar. We do our best to prevent people from stealing our fonts.

09.05.2010 um 18:09  [Antwort]  password for fonts

i hate people.

09.05.2010 um 17:52  [Antwort]  Single line fonts

I was going to suggest that. you'd have to draw your letters in your CAD program. if you found a typeface you like, maybe trace over it's center line with CAD. of course you will lose some details but It's an idea. Also if you look around there might be some letter sets, as mentioned above, made for your CAD program.

good luck!

I have 2 fonts on here with over 200,000 downloads (not counting the uncountable unauthorized redistributing) and have not received nearly as many inquiries about commercial use. Obviously there's a lot of people who just like to collect fonts but it makes me wonder how much theft is going on.

my standard response goes something like "...I've received donations for commercial use from $10 to $100 please donate what you think is appropriate for the use"

I usually get no response, but on occasion I get $5, $20, even $50 and %100 a couple times. I have this dillema with freelance design in general. You want the business but you can never be sure if it's a casual client or a big firm. The casual client you'd like to give a deal, but a huge design firm you'd like to take for all you can. right?

I needed a font for a project and bought one the client suggested.. it was $7. then, thanks to the forums here found the proper font match which ended up being $40. My client decided the $7 one was close enough.

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