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"I also don't bother making with all the symbols and umlauts (all the accents for other languages"
You shöuld always add these glyphes. It is not a big think to do, but makes them a lot more uisefull.
So don't bother the user of your work, by missing umlauts ans accents and they will give you a donation much more often, 'cause your fonts will be downloaded much more. The font, that is downloaded most of mine is completet with over 700 glyphes, motst oft them are accents, that cost me seconds to du for each.

24.04.2010 um 23:08  [Antwort]  WorldWide Font Project (WWFP)

When I read Worldwide Font Project, I thought somewhat very different: A font, that cover every language worldwide, where one made the latin section, another one followed the design with a cyrillioc section or greek, than another one add arabic or hebew, maybe the next will add a indian glyphset and so on, but not only a font, that will have every single glyph in a different style. That looks a litte likt the box with the "Blindfische" in lead-typesetting times, wher all wrong types where collected. So I suggest the name "blind-fish" for that kind of font. But when i have to ad one glyph, collect one out of my fonts, if you like...

24.04.2010 um 22:53  [Antwort]  How do you make fonts?

I know what metaphasebrothel means, when he said "almost". Between my fonts, there are some, that does not look very professional, I know. And I thought, that I shouldn't post it here, cause these fomts where made in a very short time as an experiment. However, they have become very popular, much more than I ever expect. On the other hand, there are some, where I have spent much more time to build in a more professional way, but they are less popular...

22.04.2010 um 22:34  [Antwort]  How do you make fonts?

OK. Let me explain, how I make my fonts. I'm Peter Wiegel and I have a lot of my fonts here and more on my website. With more than 1,5 Mio Downloads here, they coudn't be wrong...

Mostly I start with a pencil-sketch or a good scan, if I redraw an existinmg old font. This scan I import in CorelDRAW, where I draw my glyphs. for a handwritten style font, I draw centerlines, give it an caligraphic outline and transform this outline into objects. Is it an more construckted font, I draw simple primitives, from them all the glyphs can be build with less modification on the primitives. You can see this in my preview-graphic for my font "Moderne Fette Schwabacher" here:
Than all the parts of a glyph will be melted together and than exported from Corel into a raw-font. This I open in Fontlab Studio to correct all the spacing, font-metrics. font-information and a lot more. Also all the glyphs with diacritics are made in Fontlab, cause this is mostly a copy and paste job, with less outline-modification.

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