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Yes thank you!

But I really don't know about this delay issue before, until I submit the last font and still doesn't get reply email. I curious then search on google then find this forum. And gave that suggest above.

Now that I know this delay, I won't submit the same font again and for my other new font I will submit maybe next month.


Hi, can you check my font, what it status? I already submit maybe a week ago. please review only the last one that submitted because it same font.

Btw I can see alot the same question about submitted font status, maybe the "main issue" is the author can't see the "submitted font status". that will cause author anxiety and then will think is it any problem with my font? then submit again with same font because the author can't see the status of submitted font.

I suggesting, you need to make "history page" in author account, that contain:
- date history when submitted font
- submitted font status: waiting for review, checking, accepted, rejected etc.

by doing this, the author feel at ease to know status of submitted font.

then by knowing status, it will prevent the author to submitted the same font again.

finally it will reduce significant overload task of reviewing the same submitted font.

Thank you! I hope this will help.

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