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27.12.2018 um 16:45  [Antwort]  How do I delete my account?

I'm guessing there's an established need here for a new 'change email' option in the user settings. (hint, hint).

27.12.2018 um 16:36  [Antwort]  FONT for free!

Providing you a commercial font for free not only violates copyright law (across a string of countries, given dafont's reach), but also implicates dafont and the designer in a 'conspiracy' to violate copyright law, opening them up to a host of financial (but few, if any) criminal penalties). (In that circumstance, the conspiracy only matters in the judge's determination of financial liability owned the original copyright owner, but since it's fairly damning, it WOULD influence the final determination.)

Sorry, I must have been remembering another font site then, as I distinctly remembering ordering a small number of fonts, even though most of the site's fonts were free (like dafont, but unlike the setup in fontspring, where every sale goes through them).

But if you've never handled the sales yourself, then I have nothing to worry about. That's a good thing, since instead of giving ME access, they instead sent the hacker a new password for them to continue to use, which is LESS than helpful!

23.12.2018 um 01:19  [Antwort]  Download on Iphone

There's a major difference between downloading (and storing) on your phone and INSTALLING a font on your phone.

For a long time, the jailbreak community was able to install their own fonts onto their phones, but now that jailbreakers are being paid up a million a pop by Apple for their discoveries, the public jailbreak community has pretty well dried up (meaning you WON'T be able to install the font on your phone).

To download to your phone to transfer to a computer, simply download it to either dropbox or to your 'Files' folder.

There ARE a few 'font' apps, which CLAIM you can add fonts, but their success is spotty at best, and they only support a limited amount of fonts and only a few apps (like WORD) will support the fonts they do offer.

Isn't it nice when everything works out.

23.12.2018 um 01:06  [Antwort]  Similar to HWT Artz

Generally, I don't mind upper-case fonts, since I simply use smaller fonts for the lower-case letters. What bothers me most about partial fonts, is when they don't complete the punctuation sets, as that's harder to work around.

No ideas on HWT Artz alternatives, though.

23.12.2018 um 01:03  [Ausgangseintrag]  Need to reach a dafont Administrator

Due to a hacking attempt (which compromised my private email server), I was forced to delete my website, email and the hosting services (since I no longer trust their security). However, I didn't change my dafont account, since it was secure, but after my website came down, dafont no longer recognized my password. Thus, now I need a dafont Administrator to transfer my purchases to this new account, so I can prove I own my legally purchased fonts (though I DO retain the downloaded licenses and email exchanges granting me permissions).

Is there anyway to contact them directly, or do I just post here and hope they'll notice it?

22.12.2018 um 23:44  [Antwort]  Template for a license

If you find one, I'd like to borrow a copy, as this comes up fairly often.

You'll need a fairly sophisticated graphics program (ex: Photoshop, Affinity Photo (on Mac) or even GIMP), and use the FONT tool (in the decal design) and save it as an image (since using the font directly is illegal, since you don't own the rights to distribute the font directly).

Doing that, you can kern the letters individually. I do that whenever I find a font I really want, but it's missing the necessary characters (basic punctuation marks). Purchasing the font generally gives you the use to USE the font professionally, but not to modify the font. Though, if you mix fonts, you'll also need to not only credit both font designers, but also list yourself if you 'muck' with the characters (just so no one assumes what they see is either of the actual fonts).

Reaching font designers is always tricky. Typically, those who want to be reached will leave contact information, while those who don't (leave an email or website) typically post fonts they DON'T own the rights to, but whom the original designer is unreachable (i.e. they most likely died with no next of kin).

That said, it's always best to TRY contacting the font designer, but if contact information ISN'T provided, it's best to give up on using it for professional uses. If you insist on using it anyway, then clearly state (when you use it) that you make every possible attempt to reach the designer, and ask they contact you (and be prepared to give it up if someone contacts you someday).

By the way, I deal with this frequently, as I'm an independent-publisher who typically uses a different font with each book/series.

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