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Help finding a similar find font

23.09.2012 um 09:01

I am about to start my own record label and basically am playing around with influences/ inspirations, attached is an image from an old American record label 'Studio City'... I am considering ripping off the label, as a homage to this label.

I am particularly interested in the big S and C fonts, would anyone be able to identify, the font or a similar style of font like that?

for the band and title fonts, I am assuming they are standard bold font's which can easily be found.

Thanks in advance,


Help finding a similar find font

Bearbeitet am 23.09.2012 um 13:00 von drf_

Vorgeschlagener Font

Eurostile  Vorgeschlagen von pilaster 

23.09.2012 um 14:35

If it's suggestions rather than an ID.
Eurostile or Similar for 'SC'

Futura for everything else
Vorgeschlagener Font: Eurostile

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