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help with this font please

29.08.2014 um 21:33

I'd appreciate some help with this font (Into The Unknown) title.

Thanks in advance!

help with this font please

Identifizierter Font

Carolingia  Vorgeschlagen von plundert 

Vorgeschlagener Font

Beckett  Vorgeschlagen von plundert 

29.08.2014 um 21:42

Identifizierter Font: Carolingia

29.08.2014 um 21:55

Wow, so fast! Thanks a lot!!

29.08.2014 um 22:14

I know it wasn't asked for but what about "Mercyful Fate"?

29.08.2014 um 23:16

The original font is Agincourt but Beckett is close too.
Vorgeschlagener Font: Beckett

13.02.2019 um 05:50

I just stepped into this and I can´t stop wondering about the Mercyful Fate logo font that has more spikes (such as in the "9" album from 1999) and is different than the Beckett font, which was used on the older albums. Can someone tell me which font is it, please?

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