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rainfd  30.06.2016
so beatuiful
Gelöschter Benutzer 940940  19.09.2016
is that font totally free? even for a business usage?
thanks by advance
lucariofool  14.02.2017
As asked above is this free for business usage as well?
mrmanet  Autor von VCR OSD Mono   24.02.2017
Yes, the font is free even for commercial purposes.
bensonlloyd  06.04.2017
Hello @MrManet I want to confirm commercial purposes the font is free as above. Thank you for your time. If you want to contact me directly I am on bensons @
mgmuranaka  18.07.2017
love this font!!
noaht417  17.04.2018
so good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
LucasRocks00001  30.06.2018
Best For EAS Mocks ;)
askii  20.11.2018
Thanks!  11.05.2019

I would like to use your font VCR OSD Mono in a video content in a show.
Could you confirm me is totally free even for commercial use (video promotion or advertising) as is already mentioned in your answer to lucariofool
Haji9845  23.06.2020
Riciery Leal, This font looks good for VHS styled videos!
GreysonGaming  06.10.2020
An Imposter is among us...

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