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milenia  25.08.2014
Hi! Can I use this for commercial purposes?
LuluRoo  06.01.2015
Freeware can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.
Angel Naomi  21.02.2015
I would love to use this font, but when I install it it says there is a serious error "<corrupt font name> Font basic parsability", whatever that means. Still, it looks good :) Just wish I could use it. I have enough problems with my fonts to risk installing a corrupt one, sorry!
tynewydd  21.11.2015
FWIW - The corrupt name issue can be bypassed by using a free font converter - I used the one whose name is free font converter as one word and then adding .com - to make it into a OpenType Font .otf
guymrx  15.06.2016
This font is apparently identical to the bitmap "Parisian" font I used on my previous Mac (a Performa), and I wanted to load it to my iMac so that when I transferred my files from the Performa, I would have the same effect, and my formatting would not be affected. However when attempting to install it on the iMac, OS X indicated that this font file included a serious mistake, and NOT TO USE THIS FONT! What a disappointment. I hope that this mistake can be identified by the font creator and rectified, so that in the future I may download it AND install it without problem.

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