Tatu LA

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Roy Mustang  09.01.2007
Thank you! It's exactly what I've been looking for, I really love the band and this font 2!
bigdaygo  05.02.2007
I have a question regarding copyright issues...this font created...is modeled after the band TATU obviously...now, if a band found this font online, and didn't even know of the band tatu...but decided to use this font as their font for their logo...who would they then have to get permission from..."Wrog" or Tatu?
MelApps  24.05.2007
This is great, I love the band so much. Can you make other fonts too, like the my chemical romance logo?
gabycks  05.02.2013
OMG..!!!!!!!! me enknta esta fuente es lo maximo..!!!!
pd: tambien a mo a las chicas..!!!!

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