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Taa  16.11.2007
do u have or do u know if exist this font in normal position?
Taa  16.11.2007
loved this font btw ;*
sunflower20a  13.12.2007
love it
RAS-UTOPIA  18.12.2008
ylan38  20.03.2014
it very good
ylan38  20.03.2014
je kiff sa mere
5tru8945ru89  11.04.2015
Does "free for personal use" include being used in a widely used world of warcraft addon (12million total downloads)?

SnitchyBoi  27.08.2020
acksop  15.09.2022
Hello, I use it for a personnal web-book project.
How can I contact the author ? to know if he wants to sell it to me.
Does anyone know him ?
GabiSalinas  08.12.2022
⭐⭐ • 12/8/22
This font is cool, but it is distorted. Please fix the distortion.
MikaYunjin  17.01.2023
There is no OTF of this :(
GabiSalinas  06.02.2023
Also, Taa, this font in normal position is VAG Rounded

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