Perfect DOS VGA 437

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WM3DAS  27.12.2012
Nice font!
MissIndependent  28.03.2013
as I download the shrift and place it in my Font folder, why I can't use it in my word? it appears in the word but it didn't change the font
flberger  02.03.2014
Sadly, the font does not come with a license.
antopolo  10.03.2014
This font helped me to port an old dos program under W7 32 bit. I used semigraphical characters to draw rectangles. PerfectDOS is slighty different from original 437 characters: Vertical bar is 179 decimal. If I put 179 on the same column in different rows, I see a long continuous vertical line. With PerfectDOS the line in not continuous: most upper and lower dots are off ! The same holds for orizontal lines. Anyway: great work !
zeh  Autor von Perfect DOS VGA 437   16.09.2014
The license is this: this font is free to use in whatever you want.
aespo  09.08.2016
Beautiful work! Thanks, Zeh!!! I will use this in a web user interface that will look
like old VGA text mode user interface
183078  09.01.2017
a little hard to read
grenzfurthner  11.03.2017
Hey Zeh! Just wanted to tell you that 'Perfect DOS VGA 437' is a really great font and I used it as the main font in my nerd documentary 'Traceroute':
In case you want to watch it, drop me a line: jg At
Band  03.02.2019
If anybody wonders what's the difference between "Perfect DOS VGA 437" and "Perfect DOS VGA 437 Win" - Win version uses normal places for glyphs like ё, and non-win version isn't (i guess it's for something like KOI8 or other obsolete encoding system).
dankuck  17.04.2023
Echoing what Band said above: If you're using this for aesthetics, you probably want to use "Perfect DOS VGA 437 Win" because it will handle modern text better

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