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PabloImpallari  01.12.2012
Awesome! Congrats!
metaphasebrothel  Autor von Outstanding   01.12.2012
Thanks, cabby.
fmontpetit  22.12.2012
This one looks very good! I can't wait to have the opportunity to use it!
koeiekat  16.06.2013
Nice. Maybe a bit over-sized. :)
And it can do with some kerning, TA, VA vv etc. Need help?
donshottype  11.05.2015
The letters on which you based Outstanding are based on a font which was patented and sold by MacKellar Smiths Jordan as "Plain Shade" in 1874.
Outstanding is a very clean rendition and its letterforms are a good recreation of the Victorian era original.
Many thanks.
evelynmays54  21.02.2017
I would like to use this for commercial use. Is that possible? Thanks!
email: evelynmays54@yahoo.com
metaphasebrothel  Autor von Outstanding   28.02.2017
@ evelynmays54: You don't need to ask permission to use a font that's 100% free. The read me says you just need to show me an image of how you used it. That applies to Outstanding, but not to Cabbagetown; that one has a commercial licensing fee.

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