New Gothic Style

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Bernd Montag  13.12.2008
A very interesting look :) Unique! Well done.
klausabio  Autor von New Gothic Style   21.12.2008
Thank you very much. I´ve designed this font for a University project (I study Graphic Design in the Universidad de Buenos Aires, UBA).
code933k  30.12.2008
This font rises up my libido it's just amazing.
Sadly it doesn't have accents by the moment.
But I sincerely hope it will do.

Thanks for sharing it with a "personal use" clause Nicolas.
airwalk5320  13.01.2009
please include symbols and accents, i will highly appreciate this cool nice fools
klausabio  Autor von New Gothic Style   13.01.2009
Does anybody knows how to add accents to my font in fontlab?

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