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ziani  05.06.2006
Would like to buy this font. Must be PC/Mac Compatible. Requires open type font
roofyo114  04.11.2006
This font RAWKS :P
I luff it
thanks v. much StereoType
rarissime  05.11.2006
bonjours je souhaiterais savoir s'il sont libre de droit
sinon voici mon adresse email
Miss_princess  28.11.2006
wkd font. luv it xx8)
SWE94  23.12.2006
nice font,...unique in this theme.
Aerostella  20.01.2007
leslie_face  24.02.2007
Awesome I love it
xXxSnSxXx  22.03.2007
soo pretty =)
xxsmitten  25.04.2007
wait... how do you make it so that this font is usable?
i've tried alot of times... but its not working.
Wildfred  21.05.2007
COOL Font! I love it.. More of that kind! c",)
ibo  22.05.2007
Hi Our Firmname need a Logo can you make us a Logo,plkease get in contact with me I´m from Germany,thank
dotd420  29.05.2007
Nice!!!! Very Good
cri_geller  31.05.2007
I'd like to use your font for a logo no for a personal use, it. Are you selling the copyrights or do you accept just donations? My email is Could you answer me as soon as possible? The poster is pretty urgent. Thx!!
newtown  27.06.2007
I love this font!
Awesome work!
newtown  28.06.2007
This is what I made with your rad font
clodette  05.07.2007
I like your front and I would like to use it.
It would be for a french magazine which treats about fashion and customisation, "Detournements de Mode".
Can you tell me if I can buy it and how much is it ?
Thank you !
xavax  10.07.2007
Loved it!!!

here's what I came up with:
lisfrogger  11.07.2007
i like your font and would like to use it for my own personal use, please.
edhepp  10.09.2007
Please let me know about using/purchasing this font for commercial work. Thanks.
Stephen Coles  05.11.2007
This appears to be a distorted copy of Monotype Script. If you want the real thing:
chesaree1  23.01.2008
Hi I would like to buy this font for an add
please contact me and let me know how much is it?
thank you
choochoochoo  30.01.2008
Here's an identical font, without the texture:
Wrexham by Roger White
Sisiobesy  15.02.2008
this is an interesting font. although i dont know why someone would actually want to buy it. seems like there would be kind of no point in buying a font. especially this one.
3tailer  06.03.2008
We just used this on our recently launched team flag site. It was perfect for creating the logo. Thanks!
michellular  08.04.2008
i have used this for many school projects at the art institute and i lovvvve it. it works with a lot of my stuff.
fabianag  28.04.2008
I need to know specifically who is the author of the typography Marcelle Script and if it has typographical variables asitalic, bold.

Thank you!
johanaufa  14.05.2008
HI there, iwould like to ask your permission to use this fonts for logo for clothing lines . (this is my trial clothing line . ) would you let me know the requirements? pls inform asap

mant thanks and warm regards
johanaufa  14.05.2008
cool artistic fonts
staplehead  03.06.2008
Really amazing. I've been writing a weekly post on my blog regarding my favourites fonts and it's your turn, buddy.
You can read here (in spanish, sorry)
Liisa2kaii8  15.08.2008
haii every1 this writin is sh__e
kristenloveszack  22.09.2008
i really dont like this font at all.
im thinking this font should have some negativity
on it, but not only that i really dont like it:]
thanks guys!
there are some great ones on here tho.
that i do like, and that i will probably use for my myspace layout site! hope yall dont mind. but im NOT asking for permission! thanks,

SoFonty  23.09.2008
i think this is a great font;
i think ima use it for my
softball teams shirts!!
if thats okay with you of course???
mika306  23.10.2008
Hi I luvv this font I would like to use it in a texttile design. It would be my first design. please email info on how i can purchase this.
awmasry  05.11.2008
Very good. I love it !
LeTypographe  09.12.2008
cette police est une simple copie dénaturé de la ScripMT
Vous n'avez aucunement besoin de demander l'authorisation pour l'utiliser puisque le seul responsable en cas de problème de copyright sera StereoType et dafont et non vous :)
Sammi<3  19.07.2009
This font is in my top 10 from dafont!
I love it, great job!
belladj99  17.11.2009
i reallY LOVE THIS FONT!!!!!!!!!!1111
mariel77  11.06.2010
I am interested in using this font for a school website. Would that be possible? What is the cost? Thank you!
mariel77 (at)
Dragon200  04.10.2010
handwrited. i don´t know why is it so pens..
what ever this is madness
0_0 very good
Jojsie  13.10.2010
Really great font! Can I use this on a commercial project? Please let me know
StereoMonument  27.11.2010
we'd like to use this font for our band logo. What are the conditions? Send us a PM!
Best regards,
LoupArgent  10.01.2011
Hi i would like to use your font for our website. Please PM me of your offer.
qwertybee  09.03.2011
Great typeface!
I'm interested in using the font for a logo; what are the costs & conditions?

berlin_44  28.06.2011
Top nice nice ;) thx
jmbeltran  28.09.2012
alguien puede ayudarme? como hago para que al final de mi palabra, en la ultima letra, termine con esa estela que deja atraves de toda la palabra?
beren  16.10.2012
Bonjour. Pourriez-vous m'indiquer comment acheter les droits sur votre police pour un usage professionnel. Merci !
semaj33  17.01.2013
I would like to use this for a logo...what are the conditions?
semaj33  17.01.2013
Forgot to mention its for a non-profit...thanks again...
KThompson  17.03.2013
Hello, I would love to use this font for my buisness. Could you please tell me how to purchase this? I truly love it! brutusisnum1@gmail
Thank you,

nutlab  22.05.2013
HI, Could you let me know if I can use this is a free license font or if I have to purchase it? And if so, how?
Many thanks.
orchestradesign  05.06.2013
Hi , i would like to buy your font . Could you please send me your email , i need to reach you as soon as possible.
thanks, Julia.
alexjwing  09.06.2013
Hi, I really love this font and want to use it for commercial use... Please could you contact me with details how much you charge? Thanks, alex...
KThompson  10.08.2013
Hello, I would like to use your font for commercial use. Please contact me at I would love to hear from you. THANK YOU!!!
-Bigbear94  22.08.2013
Hey, i love the font, i have used it to come up with an idea for my school leavers jacket, i would like to know if it is ok if i use it to get printed onto the jackets.
Gelöschter Benutzer 720941  23.08.2013
djklee  26.08.2013

i love your font and I would like to use your font for commercial use. IT would be very Happy if you can contact me at I would love to hear from you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Best regards!!!
RTRINVEST  02.01.2014

I wold like to by this font fore my company, how mutch wold you want to sell a licens fore?

Best regards Rikard
daisymaze  27.01.2014
Hi - how much for a license to use this font on our website?

Happy for you to email me on

Thanks, Daisy
phillippiercede  06.03.2014
Hey there! I would like to know how much it is to use this font. I have it as my bands logo and my friend who designed it just brought it to my attention that it wasn't free. So how much would you like? :)
My email is
kmorrissey  09.07.2014
How much is a license to use for a publication? email me at
Clarisse M  18.07.2014
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial purposes. I m creative invitation craft. How much is it?
(I started, and it's a very small company, don't be too greedy please!)

Thank you.
      Clarisse M.
eyole  25.08.2014
Hello! I too would like to use this font for commercial use. Please email me ASAP at
melaniedt73  19.09.2014
Hi...i just downloaded this font...however, i am unable to use the lines that are a separate file...please email address is
ElenaBlaze  01.11.2014
Hi, I was wondering if I could use this font commercially? Please email me the details at Thank you :)
thelensandi  06.11.2014
hi i would like to use this font for commercial reasons, could you please email me on ASAP
saralejon  01.12.2014
Hi! I'm also curious how much you would like if I wanted to use this for commercial purposes. It looks awesome!
Mandre  26.02.2015

I am interested to use this font for commercial use(on clothing,case, mug, etc)
Please let me know
and drop me email at

Thanks ...
ellery a  19.03.2015
golly gosh
Yoko Yamasaki  02.04.2015
I am interested to use this font for commercial use
Please let me know
and drop me email at
willseo  06.05.2015

I'm using this font from 2009. So in this time,i want to use for commercial. Can i buy this font? eMail here.
PlastifiedScriptor  04.06.2015
Cool! Need to download it! Very impressive!
Dille  17.01.2016
Hi! I would like to buy this font for a small corporate. How much would it cost? Thank you!
FaraRozlan  16.02.2016
have any font that same with this font? but solid.. please?
Z  10.05.2016

I am using this for a shop logo/marketing in a small town (UK)
Would you let me know the situation for commercial use please?
Jrho40  26.10.2016
Hi. Would like to possibly use this font for some spirtware at a small charter school. All proceeds go to help fund the school. Please let me know what I need to do to use the font. Thank you for your time.
kcak  10.02.2017
hello! I'd like to use this font to my small business(logo or business card) how much do I need to pay or donation for using it? please let me know and have a great day!
jeromeguilbot  28.11.2017
Bonjour, je souhaite utiliser Marcel script pour la création d'un logo d'un artisan local. Comment puis-je m'acquitter des droits d'utilisation ? Merci de me répondre à
gabeeaster  20.12.2017
Would like to use for t-shirts and retail. Please email me:
fresita16  22.05.2018
I would like to use this for shirts. Can you please telle how much is to get a license for this font.

Thank you

BeVerb  23.05.2018
J'aimerais utiliser cette font pour les titres d'un magazine. Quelle est la procédure pour obtenir / acheter les droits d'utilisation?
jgrillester  31.07.2018
I want to use this font for a design/logo - please send information on purchasing. My email is
rachelee850  10.08.2018
I would like to use this for my art print, please email info on how i can purchase this. My email is
miss86615  08.09.2019

i love your font and I would like to use your font for commercial use. IT would be very Happy if you can contact me at . I would love to hear from you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
tawsha.hisler  06.02.2020
I cant get it to work with my cricut. it wont save to my fonts
eni1342  28.10.2020
bonjour ,

j aimerai utiliser votre typo pour un client .

pouvez vous me dire comment acheter les droits d utilisations,

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