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Ashelia  03.05.2009
i like it so much ! it'll help my young sister when she'll learn to write <3
Julio Portugal  06.06.2009
Great font. It would be nice for you to devise a "left hand " version though. People who write with the left like me hand do so in a different way (usually the opposite).
My friend wich is a elementary teacher asked me once to write down each letter with with direction arrows in order to teach left-hande children how to write.
I hope it's ok for her to use this font in the classroom.
sophia.09nin  03.08.2009
great ;)
ProDesign  29.08.2009
This is perrfect.
I hope I can use it with my daughter.. May I?
tioem  Autor von Life Lessons   31.08.2009
Of course!
kirksucks  05.09.2009
I think Lefties should use this font to learn how to write like normal people.

great font tom!
ACH  08.11.2009
this is very useful!
btw, kirksucks, lefties ARE normal people! hahaha :P
insleyh  02.02.2020
This is so awesome! Thanks! It would be so awesome if you the letters, arrows, and lines were separate layers.

I'm trying to make sandpaper letters for my daughter and don't need the lines. Thanks, anyway, for this cool font!
Alul Syamsu  25.10.2020
this is awesome...i'll can share with my student. Thank's a lot
La_Catrina83  18.11.2020
Thanks, Love this font. But your Photo on the file download is hilarious!

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