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sandratasch  16.11.2014
Lemon Milk is a great font
marsnev  Autor von Lemon/Milk   18.11.2014
FreshBrains  23.11.2014
Wow! Nice!
naomibeames  21.02.2015
Seriously this is my favourite font, I use it for everything! Thanks :)
marsnev  Autor von Lemon/Milk   22.02.2015
yeah thank you all for being supportive:)
positive responses gimme spirits to work harder
nea08  25.02.2015
This is a very nice font. But I really miss Å, Ä & Ö for writing in Swedish...I would love to use the font in my own language. Do you have any plans to create more letters for Lemon/Milk? /Linnea
marsnev  Autor von Lemon/Milk   28.02.2015
yeah, I'm on my way. soon:)
nea08  06.03.2015
Sounds perfect! Looking forward to it!
Viniharger  16.04.2015
Guys, What does the donationware mean?
saiiif  01.06.2015
What are the copyright policies for this font ?
Lali Lebow  14.07.2015
Love this font! Are you interested in seeing how it is used?
marsnev  Autor von Lemon/Milk   16.07.2015
Lali Lebow: yeah, it would be nice:) kindly send to . thank you!
aksona  20.07.2015
i want to know how to use in my website
heatheray  31.07.2015
Can this font be used commercially?
marsnev  Autor von Lemon/Milk   28.01.2016
Hello guys;
celebrating its 1 million download, I've updated Lemon/Milk into a better version, including major European accents, autokerning, and modification on some characters, but also I update the agreement of use.
It is being reviewed by Dafont's webmaster and will be available soon:)

Thank you for being supportive.
jouley  30.03.2016
Hi, marsnev. I'm a freelance illustrator and I plan to use Lemon Milk in a book cover design for a writer client. Is it okay for me to do this? Please contact me at as soon as you're able to.

Thank you!
someguyfromuranus  04.04.2016
ive seen this font before on a train!!
on0302  08.04.2016
Nice to meet you.
I'm a Japanese high school students .
I hope to try to publish to create a web site . You are very cool a font that was made ​​by I like .
What I use this font in the header image of the web site ?
Bolt  23.10.2016
This font has to be my all-time favorite, the only thing I dislike about it is the B, with the lower opening being wider than the upper one. I think it would be much better if they were both the same size, but that's just my opinion. Thanks for the great font!
Abankrey  30.10.2016
oh ini font lu riq gile gile gile keren
marsnev  Autor von Lemon/Milk   13.04.2017
Hi all,
I've updated Lemon/Milk. In this version, the font comes with a family. And as Bold suggested, the B has been modified along with some other characters. :)

And for questions regarding the usage, I make it simple by wrote it all on my F.A.Q page, check the description for the link.

And thank you all for being supportive. Seriously, it's your good feedbacks which trigger me to develop this font further:-) Hoping you like the update.
eileenstein  24.04.2017
Hi there,

I love this and am seriously considering using for my soap packaging, so I've made a donation for commercial use. Excited about the updates you've made. Thanks!
misscar  23.06.2017
How can I use this very beautiful Font ?
Big Job
felipepmusic  10.07.2017
hi marsneev,

I am a musician from Colombia I loved your font and I would like to use it for my logo. I'm starting my career so I do not have many resources, if you think it's possible please contact me at

Thanks a lot!
cjoyc  19.08.2017
Thank you so much! I just donated and used this font for my new logo and video text on my new youtube channel:
Hope you like it! Best!
AwesomeUsername  16.09.2017
Absolutely beautiful font. I wish I could donate more than I can right now.
cnt85  17.01.2018
Can I use it for a logo?
darius99  25.01.2018
Wonderful font. So nicely designed.

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